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Android Apps*

NMEA Wind Tablet and Phone App v0.1
Very simple Android high contrast daytime app that shows apparent wind angle and speed in large full screen. Only for NMEA 0183 UDP packets sent to the Android device on configurable port e.g. 9742.
To use you need to have your Android device connected to the same WiFi network as the one your wind sensor is transmitting NMEA0183 wind UDP packets on. You need to set the port number as the same one that the wind sensor is using for NMEA0183 (1 more than the SignalK port number.)
A screen shot snippet from for e.g. http://ws220.local/setup

For example if your Android device is connected with IP, and the App is set for port 9742, then the above configuration should work. Come back for new versions!

Known Issues
1-. Current alpha release will probably not look great on all tablets/phones. 1-. Night time mode not ready yet.

*You will need to change permissions to install app directly from us. In the near future we will release a beta app on the PlayStore.
You may need to open "view details, install anyway" when first installing.
Feel free to send to Google for security scanning if prompted.